21: Interview with Valerie Ihsan – Memoirs, Myths, & Memories

Show Notes

What is a memoir, really? Why would you choose to write one? Does it have to be 100% factual and accurate? Will you get sued? Answers to these questions and more on Episode 21 of Writing Pursuits.

My guest, Valerie Ihsan, is a published author, a story analyst, podcaster, and coach. As a certified Three Story Method editor, she nurtures and empowers authors to create their best work. She specializes in helping writers find the core message of their memoirs; diagnosing underdeveloped areas in their fiction or non-fiction manuscripts with a story rubric; and taking writers through the process of writing a memoir from beginning to end. She hosts a summer writing retreat in Oregon, along the MacKenzie River, and is living the dream life with a Turkish husband, and three rescue dogs. She works in an independent bookstore, and plans a move to Costa Rica in two years.

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