Holiday Themes for Book Promotions illustration

Holiday Themes for Book Promotions

Almost every day has kooky holidays associated with it that can serve as inspiration for your book promotions.

Let Your Book Promotions Be Inspired

For example, July 1 is: Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, International Chicken Wing Day,
International Joke Day, and National Postal Worker Day. Something like: “In honor of International Joke Day, send me your best knock-knock joke, and I will pick three winners to receive my newest ebook.”

On Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, July 1st, get a refreshing summer ebook, My Life in the Circus, for 99 cents. (The artwork will take care of itself. You can have fun on your Facebook page, asking your fans to share their favorites or create new ice cream flavors.)

Blend History with Genre

This day in history is another source of inspiration. If you have written a science fiction space opera, you could highlight Sally Ride, who became the first woman in space on June 18, 1983.

Have a great time doing this. It’s easy to find excuses to tout your work in a fun way using your calendar. Look ahead and plan something for every month as a way to breathe new life into your book marketing plan.


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