Kathrese McKee has edited fiction professionally since 2014 in the following genres: urban and paranormal fantasy, fairytale retellings, dystopian and military science fiction, women’s fiction, and contemporary and historical romance.

She is the host of the Writing Pursuits podcast and writes and produces a weekly newsletter, Writing Pursuits Tips for Authors. Kathrese is the author of speculative fiction books, short stories, and flash fiction. Her goal is to help you “prepare your story for the journey ahead.”

As a Three Story Method Certified Editor, she specializes in story analysis and diagnostics. Her mission is to help authors understand their strengths and weaknesses and polish their work for publication.

editor Kathrese McKee

Kathrese loves to teach principles of writing and business, and she is available for speaking engagements. Learn more about her books and services at KathreseMcKee.com.

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